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MSL6030 on a zoned SAN and windows enviroment

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MSL6030 on a zoned SAN and windows enviroment

I have a client who bought an MSL6030 with 2 LTO-3 drives and an NSR router connecting through a SAN switch to a Win2003 backup server. I am new to this and I have been going to the HP manuals and the forums for configuring this kind of environment. But it seems all confusing because of all the variuos permutation of scenrarios. Can anyone please try to simplify it for me with some step-by-step instructions on how to config this envirnment. It looks like i prefer working from the NSR Management browser. Many thanks
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Re: MSL6030 on a zoned SAN and windows enviroment

I might not be able to make it easy for you, but the best help to you should be the following webpage:
This will bring to the Enterprise Backup Solution webpage. On right hand side you will find a couple of good link. First link to check is the EBS Compatibility Matrix, which will give you information about what is supported and where might be issues known.
The second link, which might be the one for you is the EBS Design Guide. This Guide helps you thru most of the things to setup your solution, even there might be still question where to find the right driver, etc. For this the matrix should help to find this information.
Further on you will also find example configuration on that webpage and also Whitepapers for the different configurations.
Since you also configuring high performance LTO-3 tape drives I want to give you the following document to have some background, what is needed to make the configuration sucessfull:
This document was written to gave a good background to understand, that it is not easy to reach the full performance of the devices. It is a challenge and most of the time you might be happy, if half of the highest possible perfomance could be reached.

As saying before the best entry into the Enterprise Backup Solution is this easy to remember link:
Hope this helps,
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Re: MSL6030 on a zoned SAN and windows enviroment

You check the steps as below.
1. Windows 2003 server update the latest HBA drivers

3. Fix the NSR card in cable and do proper cabling using the sheet came with your NSR card.
2.connnect your NSR to SAN switch.

4. Connect the network port of NSR to your nework switch and give an ip address and subnet
you connect console cable from NSR to a windows 2003 system com port and assign IP too you san switch and first create a zone for you NSR , windows 2003 server in one. This server will be able to talk to library.

once above step is done. browser and give NSR IP this will open a web interface to configure.

2. first run discovery and check all the drives and robot is seen there.

3. now you need to map the drive and robot to a windows server which will acesss this.

4. once you have map click on active map.

5. now go to windows server device manager and scan you will see medium changes for robot and drive.

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Re: MSL6030 on a zoned SAN and windows enviroment

even more basic:

1 you should create a zone including the Host wwn and the NSR WWN

2 you should create a map in the NSR with the tape and robot and present it to the Host

these two steps should allow your w2k3 host to see the tape and robot in device manager.

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Re: MSL6030 on a zoned SAN and windows enviroment

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful reference material and simple steps from everyone. I am confident that i can do it. What would the world be like without ITRC?!!!!
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