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Netware 6.5 + Data Protector Express + D2D100

New Member

Netware 6.5 + Data Protector Express + D2D100

New D2D connected and ready on the network.

I have installed Data Protector Express (DPE) 3.5sp2 to 3 Netware 6.5 servers. Created the backup domain (BUD) fine. Installed DPE to workstation and connected it to the BUD fine. Start a backup process and can see the 3 servers, HOWEVER, in 'devices to be used' all I see is the current physical tape devices in those servers - no sign of the D2D system.

The D2D is working as if I create a 'test' backup domain via a Windows workstation with iSCSI initiator, I can go through the backup process (for that workstation) and see the D2D.

What have I missed on the Netware Server side? I thought it was just a case of install the DPE and off you go. Am I supposed to have iSCSI initiator running on the Netware servers. Am I supposed to load tape drivers for the D2D on the Netware servers.

I feel like I've missed a very basic step somwhere.