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newbie Q on DAT 72

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newbie Q on DAT 72

I have to ask for some basic advice to get started.

I have a DAT 72 USB - I have made a backup of some files on one server (apx. 700.00 pcs.), want to move these files to another server.

The DAT 72 is connected to the new server, I have installed the SSE program, I can manage the DAT 72 using the SSE - so far so good I expect.

How to get the files into the new server ...

- use import or use restore
- none of the gives me access to a "where to place the files" on the new server, looking for a folder-list or something like this for the new server
- where is "home / localhost" for the DAT 72 placed physical on the server (most have some disk position)
- I can start import / restore, and it starts reading the tape - takes apx. 25 hours to read the whole tape, but cant find the files, perhaps an index of the tape - dont know

- have checked the User Guide, but think this gives a lot option for rescuee and between various OS, and not this simple operation

So, Im asking for some short guidelines / headlines how to proceed - perhaps the SSE was configured wrong from beginning on the new server - Im skilled in servers, and a lot of other IT, so if I had recognized any wizard or "where to put files" I would have followed that lead.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Rasmussen
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Re: newbie Q on DAT 72

What does SSE stands for?
Is SSE an HP software product?
Keep learning!!!
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Re: newbie Q on DAT 72

SSE stands for Single Server Edition.
The full product name is:
Data Protector Express - Single Server Edition. (or DPX-SSE)
It's a free backup solution delivered together with HP tape drives.
It can be upgraded to DPX (without the SSE)which provides more features.
Not to be confused with Data Protector, which is a seperate product.

Check HP website for further info.
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Re: newbie Q on DAT 72

Thanks for replies.

I found my solution - by following the SSE manual "T3 Disk Backup And Recovery_eng" I got the clue how to change "to lokation" - and it worked out.

Basicly, not my way of thinking in "how to do things", but succeeded and solved.