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noob question about HP e1200-320 4G

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noob question about HP e1200-320 4G

Hello Mates

I have this structure:

Hp Proliant Enclosure + Hp Blades
Hp EVA storage connected to blades
and a MSI6030 Tape Library.

Everything is connected by Fiber in a fabric switch, which I don't know the manufacturer, probably cisco.

The Enc + proliants are working ok. The problem is the Tape Library. I have a HP e1200-320 4G connecting with the SCSI interfaces on MSI6030 and connecting at the same Fabric Switch. But I can't see anything about the HP e1200-320 4G or MSI6030 neither Windows or Linux machines. When I joined this company this structure was already like that, but they never used the tape library before. And it's my first time with this one as well.

I don't know exactly what to ask because a lack of experience on this devices, but, I want to know
1) Since the HP e1200-320 4G is connected by SCSI on MSI6030, the fiber connection is enough to me to access the tape library right?

2) I can access the HP e1200-320 4G management interface, and the discovery can see the SCSI connections with MSI6030, and tell me that the Fiber connection is up, BUT, discovery doesn't show anything on FC port. I have read the entire HP e1200-320 4G User Guide and it doesn't explain too much about it.

Apart from my two questions above, do you guys recommend some read before starting doing something?

Thank you very much, waiting for your reply.
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Re: noob question about HP e1200-320 4G

The e1200-320 is a SCSI to fiber channel router, which means that it translates between those two protocols.
It looks like you have the hardware correctly connected, and what remains is a configuration task.
First you need to configure the zoning on the FC switch. You say that the servers do not see the e1200-320, so the zoning is not right. They should detect it, even if it appears as "unknown device".
Then, in the e1200-320 management web there's a link to the mapping page. There you should see the WWNs of the HBAs that have access to this router. You MUST assign an mapping to each HBA, and the mapping must not be empty.
The usual mapping is the e1200-320 as LUN 0, the library controller as LUN 1 and the Ultrium drives as LUN 2 and 3.

Re: noob question about HP e1200-320 4G

A few more things:

- Create a dedicated zone for the library in the SAN Switch, to keep it away from the EVAs. In this dedicated zone include only the HBAs of the servers and the NSR of the MSL. Identify those components by their WWNN

- If after the Discovery you dont see anything under FC Port 0, thats ok. That part is not really important by now. What is really important is that you have the MSL Library and 1 drive under SCSI BUS 0, and the other drive (if there is one) under SCSI BUS 1.

- Other important thing, specially because you dont know who cabled that library. Make sure there is not terminator in the Library Controller. Terminators should be in the drives. Check the correct cabling in the following link (1st diagram only):

- Under the main manu, click on "Ports"
Make sure the Port Mode is N_Port, and Use Hard Al_PA disabled. The performance mode (or port speed) better to be the same speed than the ports in your SAN Switch. 1, 2 or 4GB/s.
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Re: noob question about HP e1200-320 4G

Hello Piero,

in addition to the answer here a good link:
EBS stands for Enterprise Backup Solution and on this pages you find a lot usefull information and links to documents for Backup and Libraries. The document I like to show you is on the right side, the EBS design guide. In this guide you find information regarding the MSL and the Fiberbridge, how to configure and also how to configure the Operating systems. Of course it can not contain every detail, but it is a big help overall, because it also list issues and how to avoid problems. You find a lot of other details to make your backup configuration successfull. On the EBS side you also find information regarding what is supported (EBS compability matrix) and how to setup backup applications (EBS Whitepapers and Implementation Guides) and much more. Also this link is specially made to remember and will not be changed, because it forwards you to the right page.
Happy reading and success with your configuration.