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NSR Config MSL-SAN-NetApp

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NSR Config MSL-SAN-NetApp


I want to setup NDMP-Backup of a NetApp.
The current environment:
MSL 6060 with 2 NSR and 4 LTO-3 drives, connected via one SAN-Switch to a Dataprotector 6.0 CellServer. Additionally, two other Media-Servers use the Library. Everything is running.
Now a NetApp FAS2030 is added, one FC-connection is made from the NetApp to the SAN-switch. I created a new zonewith the Netapp and the two NSR of the library, save and activate the configuration. On the NSRs I configured the NetApp WWN's to be in the same MAP (indexed) as the other devices.
But I dont get the NDMP-Backup runnning. I've some questions for a general understanding:
1. On the NetApp, I see only two of the 4 LTO-drives and I do not see the library itself (the robotic). Why that?
2. Is the above zoning correct or should there a zone with the DP Cellserver, the NetApp and the two NSR's?
3. Should only the mapping on one NSR contain the Changer? For the moment, I see the Changer in both mappings of the NSRs?

Could you give me some help for the correct configuration of that environment?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: NSR Config MSL-SAN-NetApp

Hi Ralf,

Better check with netapp ( about this. I had the issue that netapp ws nt detecting the changer but after some steps told by netapp tech which i really dnt remember nw it got detected nd NDMP is working fine since then

will try to have look at my setup and update you if find anything.