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Only getting ~45GB on LTO tape with BackupExec

New Member

Only getting ~45GB on LTO tape with BackupExec

Hi All,

I am backing up with BackupExec 11d writting to a HP Ultrium 1-SCSI HUE07073DD drive and C7971A tapes. Up until a few weeks ago I was able to write about 83 GB onto a single tape. Then it stared writing to a second tape before it would finish the backup job. I wanted to stick with backup to a single tape so I broke the backup select in two and run each half (about 45GB) on alternate days to a separate tape. Now I am finding that the backup jobs are asking for a second tape after about 41GB.

I have selected compression type "Hardware (if available, otherwise none)" but I am not even getting the 100GB native capacity much less the 200GB compressed capacity for the HP C7971A LTO Ultrium-1 100/200GB Data Tape. I have the backup job set to overwrite media and not to append.

BackupExec lists the Media's "Used Capacity" as some thing like 97.6GB of 97.9GB and the "data" as something like 45.5GB. The actual data size as calculated by Windows Explorer is about 42GB.

I have updated the firmware to P61D and the driver to date 5/14/2009.

I am seeing soft wite errors around 1200 for most of my tapes. I have run the cleaning tape recently but the drive reports last cleaning on 6-25-2009.

Any Ideas?