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Partitioning MSL6000

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Partitioning MSL6000

I have a costumer that needs two backup exec servers (separate installations) He has one HP MSL 6060 tape library. Is library partitioning supported on the MSL 6000 series?

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Re: Partitioning MSL6000

There is no library partitioning on the MSL5000/6000 family.


The newer MSL G3 family (MSL 2024, 4048, 8048 and 8096) do support HW partitioning, allowing any number of partitions from one, up to the number of drives installed in the library.


I think that the only other way to make this work would be to have a SAN-connected library with the SAN or shared-storage option in your backup application; this would allow two different servers to access the library simultaneously.   Access to different slots in the library would be controlled through the backup application (i.e., you only let the backup application on server 1 access slots 1-8, while the backup application on server 2 can access slots 9-29).  Then you have to manage putting media in the right slots and all, it can be a challenge.


Note that the MSL G3 family also support the LTO-4 and LTO-5 hardware encryption with the MSL Encryption Kit.   This kit works in conjunction with the MSL GUI management to enable encryption on drives in one or more partitions, and to generate and securely store up to 100 encryption keys. 

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