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Problem on DPE 4.0 sp1

Occasional Contributor

Problem on DPE 4.0 sp1


I have came across a problem with DPE and so far I still don't know, nether found information to fix it.

Recently, the backups stopped working and the DPE is acting very strange. I was having problems stopping jobs. I stopped the Job and the the status changes to waiting for termination and stays there for indeterminate time.

So I always needed to stop DPE service, but no...the service crashes ("stopping") and the only way to stop is to use the hard way, using command line and use taskill pid xxx command.

I decided to delete all jobs, and recreate a simple full backup for the local server.
When I start the job the status changes to "starting hosts" and stats there for hours, the backup doesn't pass that status.
If i try to stop the job, it goes backup to problem with the DPE service.

Any help?