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problem with HP C8015A cleaning cartridge


problem with HP C8015A cleaning cartridge


I have a HP StorageWorks DAT 160 SCSI Internal Tape Drive (AG905AM).
I clean the drive with HP C8015A cleaning cartridge once a week.

Recently I've got a problem with using the cleaning cartridge.
After the cleaning cartridge is inserted, the Ready LED starts
flashing (which is normal) but after a few moments the Tape LED
also starts flashing and the cartridge doesn't come out of the drive
until the eject button is pressed. The cartridge has made nearly 50

The manual says that flashing of the Tape LED indicates a faulty tape.
Can the cleaning tape be faulty? Does the flashing indicate that the
cleaning cartridge should be replaced with a new one?

There is one confusing thing about the HP C8015A cleaning cartridge:
the label that comes with the cartirdge has 75 check boxes while the
cartridge specs
say that it can be used for 50 cleans when used in an HP drive.

Does anyone having experience with the C8015A cleaning cartridge can
explain this?


-- rpr.