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Problem with replacement tape drive

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Problem with replacement tape drive

Hello,  I'm an IT consultant and have a new client with a Proliant server.  I replaced their dead HP Ultrium-4 tape drive. Backup software is CA Arcserve.  The program sees the tape drive, some backups work, some fail withE3719 Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=SPARE2 [S/N: 1000000], EC=Unknown error ID).  There are no skips that I can see in the logs, and some tapes run fine.  Not sure if this is just old tapes, as some are, though tapes that have never been used have ended with the same error; firmware, or the media pool, which was set up as scratch only, needs to be cleared out and recreated.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and if more info is needed, I will be glad to supply anything I can.  Tapes are 1.6 TB.

Hope everyone in the US is going to have a great July 4th holiday this weekend.