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"Disaster" HP Data Protector Express 3.5SP1 + 1/8 G2 Autoloader


"Disaster" HP Data Protector Express 3.5SP1 + 1/8 G2 Autoloader



first my system configuration:

1/8 G2 Autoloader is connected via SCSI to a SUSE Linux fileserver.

I'm using the GUI in the remote linux shell (there is no gui installed on the server) and on a Windows system I use the GUI as well.


I set up around seven different backup jobs. Each jobs has now six tapes in use.


Today I had a power issue in house and the LTO stopped working in a restore job.

I had to reboot the LTO (over the front panel) to fix the drive error message.

After that, the attached linux fileserver crashed and I hard power down the system.

As the system was back on, I logged into the HP data protector express gui and I wanted to go on restoring the last job. All the job, restore and backup jobs are still available, but when I try to select something from a restorejob I can't selected any file. It looks like that the system lost all Informations, what was stored on the tapes. Under each backup job I still can see, which tapes were used for this job.


I tried repairing the database but after that, it looks that not everything was repaired.


What is the best way to get back all the information?

How is the workflow importing the tapes again?

Is the catalog stored on each tape? Everytime when I make a backup?

What happens, when I try it import a tape, which is already imported? Does the system recognize this?


I have to say sorry for the, maybe "stupid" questions. But I didn't have that much experience with such systems. I was happy as we get the system running.


Does anyone have some suggestions about this issue?


Kind regards and thanx a lot