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Restore fails with DPE 3.50 30483 - Error 1040

New Member

Restore fails with DPE 3.50 30483 - Error 1040

In the logs the backup for the specific days are fine. But I can't restore them, straight away I get:

Job name

Restore MYOB hireall
Job Type


Data Protector Express 3.50 - 30483

Logging Mode

Failed Objects Only

Task failed

Error 1040: No devices specified or all devices are now offline

2 objects, 209 MB
Not attempted

2 objects, 209 MB (100%)

I'm trying to restore two objects that were deleted. The logs for that backup day is successful I can't restore?

After creating the restore job via wizard. It communicates with the tape drive and does it thing.. then an alert error comes up after 5 seconds or so with error 1040.

I tried to import the media and tried to restore no go.

I tried to stop/start the DPE services, no go.

I also uninstall the tape drive from device manager and rebooted the server and try the restore again, no go.

I tried to restore using the other tapes (2) and still no go.

Any suggestions? mean while I'll download the SP2 update and will try again..