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Sansurfer Restarts Cluster Service on Connect

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Sansurfer Restarts Cluster Service on Connect

Sansurfer agents appear to be reseting the HBAs on connect. This causes the cluster service to restart on the node connected to. Anyone seen this before? Have any ideas how to make it stop?
New Member

Re: Sansurfer Restarts Cluster Service on Connect

I have experienced this and am also looking for an explanation. I see you have not had a response to your post in over two years so I'm not holding my breath. Below is what I observed:

I have a two node MS Cluster running Windows 2003. Connected to HP EVA storage array via Cisco MDS 9509. The nodes are also connected to a Tape SAN via Brocade Silkworm switches on separate HBA ports than the Disk storage. I ran Sansurfer on the passive node and everything checks ok. When I ran Sansurfer on the Active node, first the utility locked up and then I lost access to the server. I then saw the cluster resources failing over to the passive node.

I have looked on Qlogic support site and found nothing. There are several documents referencing an interopguide, however the link to that page returns a "404" error.

Anupam Sheth