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Re: SC11Xe Host Bust adapter

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SC11Xe Host Bust adapter

Good afternoon,

I am trying to connect a Proliant server to an old optical storage jukebox using the SC11Xe SCSI card. The transfer rate is too fast for the storage device. Can the transfer rate on the SC11Xe HBA be changed in order to slow the rate> When accessing the menu during boot load of the server there are no options for changing the transfer rate.

Thanks, Jose
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Re: SC11Xe Host Bust adapter

As long as the bus types are the same the HBA and library should negotiate to a speed that they both support. What behavior do you see?

A common problem with the old optical libraries are that a lot of them are HVD SCSI (High Voltage Differential) instead of LVD (Low Voltage Differential) and those can't connect to the SC11Xe card at all unless you have one of the models that is switchable in which case it has to be set to SE (Single Ended) and the cables need to be short.
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Re: SC11Xe Host Bust adapter

We will be migrating the images from the optical storage to a SAN.

The optical storage vendor asked that we lower the bandwidth of the SC11Xe. The cable lenght is 3 meters as anything longer will not work. Some SCSI HBA's can have the transfer rate configured. I can not find how to change the transfer rate on the SC11Xe in the HP website or anywhere else.
Although we can connect from the server to the optical storage, we are unable to display
the libraries.