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stop a MSL2024 initializing

Super Advisor

stop a MSL2024 initializing

is there a way of stoping the tape library initializing from reboot?

we have a remote MSL and we seem to have a tape stuck, and this is causing the MSL to stay in initializing status (i belive) so would like to know if there is a remote way of stoping this to see if i can get the tape moved remotly. as while it is in this state many of the options in the GUI are greyed out


Honored Contributor

Re: stop a MSL2024 initializing

There isn't a built in way to prevent the initialization sequence. I have forced it to fail by installing a shipping lock but that isn't quite the same thing as preventing the initialization step.

Do you have a way that you could use L&TT to query the device? If it is reporting initializing over the SCSI bus as well L&TT won't be able to get much information from it but there are a few things still available.