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Storage Works 460 tape drive.

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Storage Works 460 tape drive.

Hi all,

First poast and all that, thought I would introduce myself first before asking my question....

Been doing dekstoop support 1st\2nd line support for about 7 years now, rarely go to the server side of things, except for a little AD work - I'm good at my job, not a technical guru.

Anyhoo, I'm currently supporting a user base which has grown over the past year from approx 30 users to approx 70 users, with that the amount of data being backed up has grown too.

Currently we are backing everything up (full backup) Monday to Friday using HP Ultruim LTO2 tapes with an HP Storageworks 460 tape drive. The tapes no longer have suciffent storge space on them to back up both our F&P and otes server. My question is this; Will our 460 tapedrive support larger capacity tapes like the LTO3 or LTO4 tapes?

Be grateful for any help and assitance provided as this is now becoming a critical issue.


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Re: Storage Works 460 tape drive.

No, you need a new Ultrium 3 or Ultrium 4 drive to use higher capacity tapes.

Ultrium 3 means 400 GB per tape
Ultrium 4 means 800 GB per tape

That's raw space, before compression.

Ultrium 3 and 4 add the possibility of using WORM tapes, for long-term storage and comply with legal requeriments

Ultrium 4 adds in-drive encryption