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StorageWorks D3600 - "non-authentic" Warning in slots 1-6 only

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StorageWorks D3600 - "non-authentic" Warning in slots 1-6 only

We recently purchased a D3600 for a ZFS storage server, replacing an old Dell EMC appliance. Our configuration includes the following:
  • HP StorageWorks D3600 - 10x Seagate ST6000NM0034 DP SAS Drives & 2x HGST ZeusRAM SAS SSDs
  • HP Proliant DL360 G8 (ZFS1) - HP P241 Ext. SAS HBA
  • HP Proliant DL360 G8 (ZFS2) - HP P241 Ext. SAS HBA

The issue we're having is the HBA cards are throwing our warnings saying that our drives in a degraded state because they are non-authentic. The weird thing is only drives in slots 1-6 show this warning, while drives in slots 7-12 report as healthy. We are running the 4.04 firmware on the D3600 and firmware version 6.60 on the P241 cards. Has anyone else experienced similar behavior from their StorageWorks or HBAs? 


Re: StorageWorks D3600 - "non-authentic" Warning in slots 1-6 only

Hi Erichert,

The "non-authentic" error message shows up when the HDD/HDD carrier is counterfeit.

In order to verify please refer to the following article and provide required information to

If the HDD/ HDD carrier are confirmed genuine and still the error message persist please contact support for further assistance

HPE support

I am a HPE Employee