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StorageWorks DAT 72 running extremely slow

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StorageWorks DAT 72 running extremely slow

We have a Storageworks DAT 72, c7438a that as of last week has just come to a screeching halt.  I am only getting 555Kb/s write speed.  backup of 20Gb is taking 14+hours.  I have ran Library and tape tools and updated the firmware.   All the tests in L&TT succeed.  I am at a loss.  I have tried 2 different backup softwares and both have the same issues.  The only thing that stands out is that The cleaning light is now coming on during each backup.  We use the cleaning tape and it goes away, only to come back when another backup is run.  Side note:  The cleaning tape spits back out pretty quickly, so Im not sure if it is working.  I have also tried the usual put the cleaning tape in 5 times in a row.    Any and all help is appreciated

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Re: StorageWorks DAT 72 running extremely slow


 If you have flashed it to the latest firmware, and the cleaning light comes on every time you back up, I'm afraid that the drive is bad.  I've seen this in the past so often that if the flash doesn't fix it, I replace it.  Sorry about the bad news, however, if it's less than 3 years old, still under warranty. 

I have replaced almost all the dat drives I've placed  with the ultriums, even on the smaller backups, because they seem to be much more reliable.

 You can get care packs on tape drives to extend out the warranty also, but if it's on an HP server, and was purchased with it, you would get the care pack for the server only.  It's covered on the servers care pack.