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Surestore tape 5000 drive not reconized in windows 7

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Surestore tape 5000 drive not reconized in windows 7

Product Name: Surestore Tape 5000
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Hello. I am trying to use a Surestore 5000 tape drive in my gameserver for map, plugin and config backups. The only problem is: It isn't reconized by windows. My SCSI card is reconized and my drive select jumper is on 2. Put short: It doesn't show up in device manager but my SCSI card does. Yes, my cable IS terminated. The drive is also the only device on the cable. All of my DIP switches on the bottom of the drive are set to 0. No firmware errors or messages are kicked out by the card itself. Yes the drive is old. But it doesn't cost 500 dollars like modern drives do. 4 GB compressed is all I need. The drive does not appear dead after sitting for 5 years. It takes tapes, both regualr and cleaning tapes, and occasionaly rips one up.


Detailed specs:

Motherboard and HDD out of a Hp Pavilion computer

Adaptek 29160N SCSI controller (firmware ver. 2.11)

Hp Surestore 5000 tape drive (NOT 5000i)

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Re: Surestore tape 5000 drive not reconized in windows 7

IIRC this is a DDS1 tape drive with single ended SCSI, not sure if your controller is really compatible with it.

What kind of terminator is used?

Hope this helps!

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