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System error log


System error log

Here is a paste of the verbage from the system log. i cant find anything to fix this.

SCSI Tape Drive Status Change.
The tape drive with SCSI target 1 connected to SCSI bus 1 of the controller in slot 1 has a new status of 5.
(Tape drive status values: 1=other, 2=ok, 3=failed, 5=offline, 6=missingWasOk, 7=missingWasFailed, 8=missingWasOffline)
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Re: System error log

Are you able to take a look at the drive?

Are there any warning lights on it? Is it powered on?

Which backup software are you using?

What type of server/library is the tape connected too?

Also did you take a close look at your log(s) looking for errors that may have led to the software auto-disabling the drive until the other error is corrected?
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Re: System error log

I can see the drive and it tests out fine. i can also do good backups. im using backup exec 11D its a hp proliant 320 using a msl 6030 tape library with LT04 drives. i had LT02 drives in as well and still got the same error. i havent seen anything that would lead to this error.