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Tape Drive Issue

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Tape Drive Issue

I have a HP StorageWorks DAT 160 SAS connected to an HP Proliant DL380 G6 Server running windows server 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2. I use NTBackup to backup all contents of my D: drive to this tape. The size is approx 90GB.Scheduled backup starts and goes on for a while.As it approaches the end of the backup it fails with the following error

Backup Status
Operation: Backup
Active backup destination: 4mm DDS
Media name: "Tuesday"

Volume shadow copy creation: Attempt 1.
Backup (via shadow copy) of "D: DATA"
Backup set #1 on media #1
Backup description: "Tuesday"
Media name: "Tuesday"

Backup Type: Normal

Backup started on 8/10/2010 at 9:23 AM.

Error: The device reported an error on a request to write data to media.
Error reported: Hardware failure.
There may be a hardware or media problem.
Please check the system event log for relevant failures.
The operation was ended.
Backup completed on 8/10/2010 at 10:48 AM.
Directories: 8
Files: 26
Bytes: 41,071,643,868
Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 52 seconds

Error: D: is not a valid drive, or you do not have access.


The operation did not successfully complete.

Does anyone know how i can resolve this issue?
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Re: Tape Drive Issue

Hello Rohan,

First to isolate if there is a tape/Drive issue you should stop the backup software services and run the Library and Tape tools.

The Drive assessment test should indicate warnings or errors if any logged by the drive. You may also run the Device performance test ( icon below the menubar in L&TT) to check the I/O between the host and the drive. The amount of data to be written during the test can be defined so it can be verified if there is a fault in the drive/media.

Verify that the DAT drive is compatible installed on one of the SAS HBA's mentioned in

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Re: Tape Drive Issue

Well i installed the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools and i ran the HP L&TT Install check and it didnt detect any drives. I also ran the HP L&TT and it dosent show the drive there tools. It says scan completed with errors. I have attached the screen shots below.