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Tape indexing in Data Protector

New Member

Tape indexing in Data Protector

i have recently installed a Ultrium 920 tape drive into a low end back server

This server is used for archival storage and is not used on a regular basis as the data backed up only changes every few months, this being the case i have not purchased expensive backup software as its not needed

i am currently using the single server version of Data protector 3.5 which came with the drive

on thing that i have notice is that when you delete a job the tape that was created by thus job is then useless

is there a way of creating an index on the tape so if a job is deleted or something happens to the data server the tapes are not make useless or at the very least backing up the jobs to a dvd or some such
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Re: Tape indexing in Data Protector

Note, you say 3.5, and came with the drive.

So this is Data Protector EXPRESS, not Data Protector. For whoever might be looking to respond to the OP.