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Re: Tape Library and D2D

New Member

Tape Library and D2D



We are in the process of designing a backup solution using:


Backup Exec 2012

HP MSL2024

HP D2D4010i


I've gone through the configuration documents for setting up the backup exec config and it doesn't look overly complex however...  Its been requested we backup monthly and yearly backups to physical tape media.  I've seen you can use echo copy to copy the virtual tape backup to physical media on the MSL2024, is it possible to enable encryption on the copy from D2D to tape?


I've run 2024 libraries with teh HP encryption module (USB dongle) previously when the backup has run straight to tape but because of the initial backup to D2D i'm trying to find the easiest way of doing this.


I don't need the backup stored on the D2D to be encrypted.


Thanks for any help your able to offer

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Re: Tape Library and D2D

Hi Paul,
To answer your questions:
-- you can copy Virtual media from the D2D to MSL using the backup exec.
-- The tape Encription is done while writting the data into the tape so the backup into the MSL can be encripted using the MSL Encription kit.



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