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Tape LTO-4 1840 on network

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Tape LTO-4 1840 on network


I have 8 LTO-4 tape storages and i need to put them all in a network and see them like a network drive unit each one.

please if you have any idea send it to me.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Tape LTO-4 1840 on network

Tape isn't seen as disk drives are on the network -- in large part because tape is rotten as random-access storage.

What people do do with tape, is they have a tape drive in a tape library, and attach the library and drive to a Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Network), allowing the tape drive and library to be shared among many systems.

Or, in your case, with the right backup software, you can have one or more backup servers, each of which will have one or more tape drives attached, and -- if the backup application is network-aware, like HP's Data Protector and Data Protector Express -- any server can send data to any tape drive. Still, the data should be streaming data, preferably tens of GB at a time, not just a file here or there.

I don't think that a tape drive will ever show up in (for instance) Windows File Manager the same way a disk drive does.
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