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Tapeware/HP Storage Works&DDS-3 Error 79 & 88

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Tapeware/HP Storage Works&DDS-3 Error 79 & 88

I’ve been bequeathed a backup system attached to an active company.  They have Windows XP Pro using TapeWare (7.00 SP7D (492.12899)) by Yosemite Technologies, HP StorageWorks DAT 24 USB and 10 HP DDS-3 @ 24GB Tapes (C5708A) run in a 2 week set with full overwrite.  What I figured should be a simple unplug in location A and plug-in at location B and run was for the most part a success.  What is happening is that the when the backup set is run, it calculates the objects and size.  When that is completed an error message appears saying the following:


Error 79: Object is not active


Backup 10-11-11

Dev- HP C1357A


The object is no longer active.


A process is waiting for your response.


I can click Continue until the cows come home but I believe they’ve strayed to the slaughter house.  My only option is to click on abort.  Doing this brings up another alert stating:


            The job Backup 10-11-11 has been terminated


            Error 88: No devices specified or all devices are now offline


            # of objects completed    :0

            Size of objects completed   :0 Kbytes

            # of object warnings     :0

            Size of object warnings   :0


            There are no devices that can possibly meet the requirements for the job to complete.  If any devices were specified they are marked as ‘dead’ due to communication failure, device failure, etc.


After that, continuing only shuts down the dialogue box. 


To look in Tapeware under the device tab and drilling down to Network\Server\Ctl-Ntio Port32/Bus0\Dev- HP C1537A I see Dev- HP C1537A has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in it.  I click around to see if there’s any option to “activate” per the Error 79 or go “online” as per the Error 88 but have no luck.  I saw some references to Error 88 saying to disable “removable storage” from the services…I did that but also no luck.


I’ve tried recreating the backup as well as performing some Google searches to no avail.  So I’m looking at some support forms now to help improve my knowledge and possibly find a solution.  Thanks in advance.