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The semaphore timeout period has expired

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The semaphore timeout period has expired



We have a problem with tape library HP MSL G3 Series 8.70 (Serial number DEC320074V)


The problem with moving tape from slot to drive and back.

Tape is started to move but failed with  windows error: 'The semaphore timeout period has expired' although tape appear in target slot.

From web interface there are no such errors.


In the logs we can see the next:



15.03.26 14:28:26.65  Event - SCSI ABORT message
     Event Code: 0x10 - SCSI message aborted
15.03.26 14:23:13.22  Event - Move event
     Event Code: 0x01 - move medium
     Task originator: 0x02 - CDB interpreter task
     Source element type.: 0x02 - storage slot
     Element number: 0x01, 1
     Destination element type.: 0x04 - tape drive
     Element number: 0x01, 1



Could you please tell how to investigate problem?


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Re: The semaphore timeout period has expired

If you google "The semaphore timeout period has expired" you get a lot of hits. Maybe the backup server-client communication has an issue with connections. It is obviously not directly related to the library.


Maybe the backup application vendor can help? Or is it just a pure windows problem?

Hope this helps!

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