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Throughput to MSL2024

New Member

Throughput to MSL2024

Hey Guys,

I've installed a new MSL2024 directly to a DL380G5, and am using it to archive backups from disc to tape with BackupExec...

...but the duplication jobs run at a steady 3MB/sec... in otherwords REALLY slowly... Any ideas on where I should start looking?

Details of the setup are:
DL380G5 with 4G RAM, hard drives and all the other stuff that makes a computer work :o)
MSL2024 with 2 x LTO SCSI drives
MSL connected to DL380 via a dual port SCSI card, called an HP StorageWorks PCI-e U320 SCSI HBA

Please let me know if you need any more information...

Honored Contributor

Re: Throughput to MSL2024

Most of the time the slow throughput is due to the source of the data.
you can install LibraryandTapeTools in order to troubleshoot the problem.
with LTT you have a system perfomance test and a device performance test, each test check the source and the target of the data indipendently.
If everything is under control, you are going too slow (Mario Andretti)