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TS3310 connected to HP FC2242SR DC : Link Status Down

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TS3310 connected to HP FC2242SR DC : Link Status Down


We have an IBM TS3310 LTO4 FC library drirectly attached to a HP Proliant DL380 G5 through an Emulex HP FC2242SR DC (Lpe 11002: A8003A).
The OS version is Windows 2003 Server x86 SP2 R2.
The HBA firmware version is 272A2 and the driver version is 5.02a1 .
The library firmware version is 520G.GS003 and drive firmware version is 89B2 .
Every time we reboot the server or the library we have the FC link in down status (shown in the HBAnyware utility) and the server could not communicate with the library.

Please help us to fix the problem.

Best regards,

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Re: TS3310 connected to HP FC2242SR DC : Link Status Down

I'm not familiar with the IBM libraries, so you may be better off debugging this problem with them.

Things I would look for --
- Make sure that this is a supported HBA for the library, and that it is at the correct firmware revision.
- Likewise, make sure that the library FW is at the right level for the OS and HBA.

I know that you said the library was direct-connect to the server... are any other storage devices (like disk) also direct-connect to the server? If so, do you have any issues with their connectivity?
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