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Ultrium 3 detected as CD ROM

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Ultrium 3 detected as CD ROM


I have a HP Ultrium 960 Tape drive with the FW Revision D22D and I am using Symatec BackupExec 12.5 on Windows Server 2003.

About 2 Weeks ago the backup did not succeed and I tried to figure out why, when I saw that the Tape Drive is recognized as an CD-ROM drive.
In the device manager it is listet beneath the real CD-ROM drive under the name "HP Ultrium 3SCSI-CDROM Drive" and L&TT also recognizes this drive as CDROM.

The tape drive ejects the cartridge immedeately after it is inserted in the tape drive but the lights on the tape drive are all off except the ready light.

In the attachement you will find a screenshot of L&TT and the device manager.

Has anybody experienced the same problem and is this a hardware or a software issue.

The only thing I tried so far is to reboot the server but this did not change anything.

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Re: Ultrium 3 detected as CD ROM

If the tape drive looks like a CD-ROM it looks like you have activated the OBDR (One-Button Desaster Recovery) feature: