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Ultrium 3-SCSI Firmware D22W

New Member

Ultrium 3-SCSI Firmware D22W

Hi all,

Autoloader logs from my tape drive shows me this error: LIB/ERR <80 F1 01 00 > HE: drive communication error, or in more detail Library Error - HE: drive communication error Drive number: 0x01, 1...
I've reseated the unit, nothing. It shows this message every time it has to change the tapes. It does the backup ok but it doesn't change the tape.

I've read somewhere that maybe if I update de firmware it is posible to solve the problem...
Any other sugestions?

Thank you,
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 3-SCSI Firmware D22W

You should use L&TT and update both the library and drive firmware and report back if that helps. If it does not help use L&TT to pull and post a support ticket.