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Ultrium 448 - tape and led problem

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Ultrium 448 - tape and led problem

Hi - I had problems with tapes being thrown out. After 10 seconds with making some ''klik, klik, klik'' sounds, most tapes would be ejected and not much later all tapes (got 8 tapes).

Since I don't got a cleaning tape at hand, I updated the firmware to the latest version, which seemed to gone ok.
Though after loading a tape again, the drive led kept blinking.

Then I resetted the drive (with holding the eject button for 20 seconds), and the led warning went away, untill I placed in a tape again, which did some testing for a few minutes I think but after it was done the tape was thrown out again with the same drive led warning.

Is it worthwhile to get a cleaning tape now or should  I send my drive for repair? The U 448 is about 5 years old.
Or any other thing I could try.

I attached the log, changed the extention from Lzt to jpg, otherwise it doesn't get accepted.


Re: Ultrium 448 - tape and led problem

I have analyzed the support ticket and found that polling issue exists. Please find the link to get the help to fix this,


In addition to that request you to follow the steps to run "Drive Assessment Test" for this drive and capture the result and send here for analysis,


1. Stop Backup Software and all its services.

2. Open L&TT tool, select Hardware Scan & NT Miniport & click on continue

3. After the scan is complete, click on "by product" tab

4. Highlight the affected Library & click on "test" button on top. The Tests screen opens with the Test Execution tab selected.

5. Select the checkbox next to the Library, Select "Device analysis" for device analysis test and select the checkbox next to the Drive for "Drive assessment Test" from the test group and click on the "start test" button.

6. Now click on the "Support" button on top & click on "Extract Device Data"

7. Click on "save support ticket"; select the appropriate location to save the report file.

8. Please capture resultlog.ltt from the location C:\Program Files\HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools\logs

Note:- Please use a new blank tape cartridge as the Drive Assessment test is a destructive test and will delete any of the data on the tape cartridge.

I work for HPE
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