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Ultrium 448

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Ultrium 448

We bought the wrong tape drive from a distributor who does not accept exchanges, leaving us stuck with an expensive unit that did not suit our purposes. Now I want to use this drive in a backup server (tower), but I am being told by HP support that it requires a storage array housing in which to be installed.

The thing is, when I take off the...framework, for lack of a better term, and detach the connectors, what is left is a half-height, standard form-factor drive with a standard power connector and a standard SCSI LVDS interface. It even says "Interface Connector : SCSI LVDS" right on the sticker affixed to the drive.

What this means to me is that I could attach it to pretty much ANY SCSI LVDS adapter from whatever vendor and it will work.

So what's the skinny on this? Am I being BSed?

The model # is DW019A, P/N is DW019-60002.

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Re: Ultrium 448

You should be able to use that drive internally in a server, as long as you have a supported SCSI controller and proper termination.
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