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Ultrium 960 Maximum Read Speed?

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Ultrium 960 Maximum Read Speed?


Just a quick one, I note that the quickspecs for this drive note a 80MB/s native transfer rate and up to 160MB/s on a 2:1 compression. The files I am backing up are already compressed so I am not using compression.

However I was just wondering if these statistics affect the read performance of the drive in anyway? I am for example running a verify job after a backup which is running at approx 3.8GB a minute, which equates to roughly 64.1 MB/s... I am just wondering if this is good, or can I drive it faster?!
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Re: Ultrium 960 Maximum Read Speed?

as usual it depend where you are mesuring the speed, if it is on the LTO head, yes max will be 80 MB/s, but usually you mesure the speed in the backup application, so on data already decompressed, and you should apply the compression factor to correct the native value.
if your data do not allow compression and are read from the drive at 64 MB/s that is a good value, approching the max (80 MB/s)
Keep also in mind that the restore speed may depend of the target speed (a slow disk or array during write process may limit the throughput).