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Re: ultrium tape blade sb920c

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ultrium tape blade sb920c

Good morning, i have installe on c3000 tape blade the installation is ok. on the blade server ( the partner server of tape is a node of cluster ) i have red hat os i want know the command for backup file or directory. how to know the tape device ?? es: /dev/rmt0? or /dev/st0? and hoe to use the tar command ??

thanks for all
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Re: ultrium tape blade sb920c

This is really more of a linux question than a storage question. The tape drive will look like a locally attached. I usually look at dmesg to see what device file linux assigned to a device and then use that.

if the device is /dev/rmt0 then
tar -f /dev/rmt0 would be the command
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Re: ultrium tape blade sb920c

thanks for all, i have try all device list in /dev directory and the exact device is /dev/st0.

the command for backup is
tar -cvf /dev/st0 /directory name/

the command for list the tape fiel is

tar -tf /dev/st0.