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VCB backup fails on large VMs

Occasional Contributor

VCB backup fails on large VMs

Hi all,

wondering if anyone could help...

We've got some 700GB Windows VMs running here, that id like to backup via VCB.

Im having problems in that for these larger systems, the backup is failing.

I can see on the VCB proxy that the snapshots are actually working and the VM files are being copied across onto the VCB disk, but i think that there must be some sort of timeout setting within DP that is causing the error.

The session messages do not update even though the VCB process is still working behind the scenes.

All other small VMs backup fine using VCB, its only on these larger VMs i see the problem.

I have adjusted the ScriptOutputTimeout setting on the global file without success (ive even extened it to over 10Hrs with no success!

Has anyone seen this before?