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VLS6200 FW v2.1.0 - Can I upgrade straight to v3.3.0 ?

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VLS6200 FW v2.1.0 - Can I upgrade straight to v3.3.0 ?

I have an VLS6200 - AH812A - with FW v2.1.0.
It has ~3.5GB memory. I need to bring it up to 16GB.
I want to upgrade to the latest FW [v3.3.0] to utilize Deduplication feature.
I heard v2.2.0 was recalled.

What would been the proper upgrade path?

v2.1.0 -> v2.3.0 -> v2.3.1 -> v3.3.0 ?

Any response would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: VLS6200 FW v2.1.0 - Can I upgrade straight to v3.3.0 ?

> Can I upgrade straight to v3.3.0 ?

Not according to the release notes prerequisites. Each UPGRADE requires base 2.2.x.

However they indicate if using the Quick Restore CD/DVD then no prerequisite level is required:

"If you are upgrading using the .zip file, you must have firmware version 2.2.x installed prior to upgrading to 2.3.0. If you are using the Quick Restore CD, there are no prerequisites."

>I heard v2.2.0 was recalled.

This document's effective date is January 2010 and still includes 2.2.0:

See the Release Notes for upgrade paths after 2.3.x listed in there:

See this table:

The library needs to be at least 2.2.x for the deduplicate UPGRADE.

So either include v2.2.0
Burn a 2.3.1 Quick Restore CD, apply, then upgrade it to v3.3.x.

Suggest you verify this with HP directly.