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VMS Backup and HP C1553A Autoloader


VMS Backup and HP C1553A Autoloader

Our failed Digital TLZ7L autoloader has been replaced with an HP C1553A autoloader. (Could not find replacement TLZ7Ls with rollers that would not melt.) I can use VMS Backup to write to one tape cartridge, but Backup does not seem to be recognizing the second tape. The autoloader's rear option switches are set to a value of 1 (Auto-stack enabled, Auto-eject enabled). I think the autoloader is set up correctly, because after the error the LCD shows that cartridge 2 is loaded and displays Ready.

Backup writes to the first tape and eventually errors out with the following:

%BACKUP-F-LABELERR, error in tape label processing on MKA500:[]DUA302.;
-SYSTEM-W-ENDOFFILE, end of file

The following is the DCL. On the backup command 'Output_Device'is "MKA500" and "Current_input" is the result of parsing:
$ Input_Delimiter = ","
$ INITIALIZE 'Output_Device': FULL01
$ IF (Current_Input .EQS. Input_Delimiter) THEN GOTO Cleanup
'Current_Input':/IGNORE=INTERLOCK -
$ GOTO Backup_Loop
VMS version is OpenVMS V6.2 on VAX.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: VMS Backup and HP C1553A Autoloader


The configuration switches on the underside of the drive were set incorrectly. They were set to the defaults: 3 OFF, the rest ON.

I looked back into the manual (HP DDS Drives User Manual (Part No. C1534-90911)), and it shows settings for DEC systems: 1 - 8 as ON, ON, OFF, ON, ON, OFF, ON, OFF.

This solved the problem.

p.s. For anyone interested, I also set the autoloader option switches on the rear panel to the value 1 (switches 4,3,2,1 off, off, off, on) to enable Auto-stack mode and Auto-eject.