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What are the recommended drivers for Qlogic HBA's?

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What are the recommended drivers for Qlogic HBA's?

I've been round and round with support trying to get at least a direction. The reply has always been "We support the HBA cards and their firmware that are supported by the HBA manufacturer, vendors."

So here is my question to anyone that might have traveled this road before. And can provide insight or useful information.

What device driver is recommended or is one required, when using Qlogic HBA cards and the associated Storport driver, and IBM LTO3 tape drives in an STK SL8500 library?

We have mixed results using no less than seven different models of HBA cards at 15 different firmware levels and 20 plus HBA driver versions. My goal is to know how to proceed before undertaking the task of updating all 200 plus HBA cards.
Add to that the need (or not, which is one of the questions) for device drivers for the tape devices that are seen through the HBA card and you can see that we would like to know a little more before we move forward updating HBA cards and device drivers.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: What are the recommended drivers for Qlogic HBA's?

you need to list all the model numbers of your HBA here :-) as well as libs
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