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Re: Zone conflict

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Zone conflict


I have a 3par 8200 storage with free space availabe, and I want to migrat some VM from an old IBM storage to the 3par so I connect the brocade switch for IBM storage to the bocade switch of 3par but I could not see my host on the 3par brocade switch , so I was not able to add the host to my zone and then to active zoneconfiguration , so I could mapp luns from the 3par to this host ,

when checking the 3par san switch I found that thier is a zone conflict .as in the attached picture

actualy I am new to zoning , so what should I do ?

Now each switch have its unique domain ID and the zones, active configuration zones have different names in the switches.

I already have four 3par storage systems (4 storage) and three old IBM storage system I want to migrate all vms from the IBM to 3par using hyper-v migration. and other vms from a 3par to another 3par , So I want to be able to add any host to any storage ,and map any LUN from any storage to any host connected to any SAN Switch.

Connecting all san switches to only one (or two switch) will solve that?

I did that but I found that one switch zone overwrite other switch zone, so i changed the domain ID of each switch to unique doamin ID and changed the alies,zones and enabled zone confige names to be unique on each san switch that prvent other zone from overwrite other zones but I can not see the hosts to add.

zone conflict.jpg


Re: Zone conflict


A merge is not possible if any of the following conditions exist:
• Configuration mismatch: Zoning is enabled in both fabrics and the zone configurations that are enabled are different in each fabric.
• Type mismatch: The name of a zone object in one fabric is used for a different type of zone object in the other fabric.
• Content mismatch: The definition of a zone object in one fabric is different from the definition of zone object with the same name in the other fabric.
• Zone Database Size: If the zone database size exceeds the maximum limit of another switch.

If the zoneset members on two switches are not listed in the same order, the configuration is a mismatch, resulting fabric segmentation. For example: cfg=a;b is different from cfg=b;a even though members of the configuration are the same. Zoneset members should be listed in the same order.

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you with data migration:

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