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StoreOnce 4500 24TB

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StoreOnce 4500 24TB


Can Someone help to resolve issue on Server Storage Missing , diagnostic message is Check the connections to all controllers and drive enclosures in the cluster.

thanks in advance.


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Re: StoreOnce 4500 24TB

This can be tricky to diagnose.   Did you recently have a power failure?   If so , you may want to reboot the Storeonce.   Lots of problems can be fixed by an orderly shutdown and restart.   We discovered that on a power outage,  sometimes the disks/controllers don't spin up as fast as the server component, and if the disks/controllers are not ready when the server starts, it decides that they are all missing.

If this doesn't fix it, then there is a lot of diagnosis to do.    Is there power to the internal network switch?   Are all the cables connected?     

HPE support can help.   If it is not power, you will need to isolate which component needs to be fixed, and the support people have a good script for troubleshooting.