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Re: 3-year term VSA license expiring

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3-year term VSA license expiring


I have a cluster of machines with a 3-year VSA term which are expiring in a few weeks.

I'm told that I cannot extend this at all - with no option to convert to perpetual licenses. Can this be true? Has anyone had any help on this?

We didn't get a notification of the EOL and have been happily using our VSA for the last three years, waiting to renew with budget set aside. If we knew about the EOL we'd have gone to perpetual licenses last year! But it's really unpleasant to have only found this out while still inside our 3-year term.

I'm making plans to migrate away from Storevirtual now but it's impossible in the time frame left, which is really putting me in a bad situation.

Has anyone been given any sort of solution for this? I really don't care about having support available, I just need the system to continue running normally until we can replace it!


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Re: 3-year term VSA license expiring


your VSA will continue to work but you will not be able to create new things ( volumes snapshots etc.)

i you can get a new license you can replace your existing license. thats your only option.





Re: 3-year term VSA license expiring

Hi nOw2,

It should be possible to convert your VSA term licenses into non term, but as far as I know you will need to have an active contract for them.
If you do have active contract, just go to
choose your region and write an email to the respective team with the request to convert the licenses into non term one.
Information you will need to provide is the contract SAID or EON, the featurekeys or mac of the license and the license key itself.

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support

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Re: 3-year term VSA license expiring

That is great, I'm still in contract so will contact them right now.

Update: yes, they've sorted it out. My confidence in HPe is restored.