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Adding 4335 Hybrid Nodes to existing 10.5 Managemt Group


Adding 4335 Hybrid Nodes to existing 10.5 Managemt Group

Hi all,


Am I right with the following?


- I cannot add 11.0 4335 nodes to an existing 10.5 Management Group of P4500G2 Nodes

- I cannot Upgrade P4500G2 with 10GbE to 11.0 due to issues that existit since 11/2013

- I will need to create a second MG with the new 4335 Nodes and I need an additional FOM for that MG

- I cannot migrate the 4500 Nodes to the new MG, once the upgrade is released


That means, if I buy 4335 nodes today I will need to Manage two Management Groups and I will have to keep them in future. Right?



Honored Contributor

Re: Adding 4335 Hybrid Nodes to existing 10.5 Managemt Group

you can have a hybrid management group w/ v11 and v10 nodes in the same management group, but you might not WANT to do this for the hybrid nodes as I believe it limits the feature set of the v11 nodes to only the v10 feastures which means you lose AO.  I would ask support to confirm as I know that is a problem w/ VSAs, but I'm not sure if that is a problem for the hardware nodes.  Beyond that, its technically possible to do that, but there really isn't a big deal difference between having two clusters and having two management groups unless you are planning on doing frequent LUN migrations.  Also, I bet if its a temporary thing and when the fix comes in for the old nodes, I bet support could do some back-door way to make the old cluster join the new one, but you would have to ask them.