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App Managed SS failed : login credential failed

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App Managed SS failed : login credential failed

Hi every body


Is any body meet this error during snapshot execution ?






Event                   :               E00070100 EID_SCHED_STATUS_FAILED_MSG

Severity                :             Warning

Component               :      SAN/iQ

Object Type             :        Snapshot Schedule

Object Name             :      Vol-AV_Sch_SS_1

Management Group        :            MG-xxxxx

Cluster                 :              SAN/iQ-Cluster-xxxxx

IP/Hostname             :      P4300-CRRFB-2

Date and Time           :     01/15/2013 00:01:44 GMT

User                    :                System

Resolution              :

Message                 :          The snapshot schedule 'Vol-AV_Sch_SS_1' status in cluster 'SAN/iQ-Cluster-xxxxx' is 'Failed': 'App-Managed SS Failed:Login credentials failed.'.

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Re: App Managed SS failed : login credential failed



We had a similar problem regarding the "Login credentials failed" but on the application snapshot manager side on our hosts.


Turns out that it had something to do with our password! We used certain symbols in our password like &, * or ^ that it didn't seem to like. Changed the password to something "simplier" and it ended up working...


Maybe just set the password to something simple like "hello123" just to test and build on that?


Hope this helps!