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CMC does not offer latest firmware

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CMC does not offer latest firmware



we have 2 Lefthand P4500 G2 running in a cluster which we updated recently from Lefthand OS 9.5 to 11.5 using the latest CMC. When I log in to CMC it says "Software up to date". Under Diagnostics I checked which patches were applied and saw the driver for the harddisks was not the latest.


The Lefthand is working with the EF0600FARNA drives that have the HPD5 firmware installed but on the HP download page for that drive there is a HPD6 (C) available and it is tagged as "Critical". 


The update repository on the CMC is up to date, so I don't understand why CMC is not offering me the latest firmware. My only option is to use the HP Service Pack for Proliant DVD which does include the needed drivers. 


The same goes for iLO, which for iLO 4 is updated by the CMC but apparently not for iLO 2.


Do I make a mistake or is it just a fact that the CMC patch repository is not up to date?


Thanks ...

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Re: CMC does not offer latest firmware

A Lefthand OS upgrade from X to Y version does not always upgrade the firmware of all hardware components to the latest. However, there are some specific firmware versions that are available in the form of Lefthand OS Patch, which gets installed during the OS upgrade if the hardware is running at a lower firmware version. Moreover, not all firmware versions are being released as Lefthand OS Patch.


In order to upgrade Drives, Controller, BIOS, ILO, NIC firmware, etc.. you would have to use the latest HP Service Pack for Proliant DVD.


You may also refer to the Firmware Compatibility Matrix to ensure you get the upgrade right..


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