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Re: CMC v9 Hides Snapshot and Used Space Details

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CMC v9 Hides Snapshot and Used Space Details

I've upgraded CMC to V9 in preparation for going from SANiQ 8.5 to 9. However I'm disappointed to see the details that have been removed from the Use Summary tab for the cluster.

There is no longer a separate bar for "Provisioned for Snapshots" nor is there the useful summary details shown for Provisioned Space and most importantly used space.

This makes what is going on when there are snapshots involved very unclear, and can lead to volumes being giving alarming provisions sizes with no obvious explanation.

Is there some way to turn these back on? Or this HPs way of saying we are hiding these details so you should get nervous about space usage and buy some more nodes?

Not liking this change at all. I'm hoping that when I do upgrade the nodes to 9 that this will change, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't.

I've attached a picture with comparison screenshots between the 2 versions. The 8.5 one is much more informative and useful in my view.
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Re: CMC v9 Hides Snapshot and Used Space Details

I use Nagios with SNMP checks. I configure a check for each volume, and It has a graph that shows the baseline snapshot (really it's the bulk of the volume made up by the oldest snapshot).

The check command is check_lhvolume. Instructions for using it are here:

Attached is a sample graph that shows the snapshot deltas etc:

Re: CMC v9 Hides Snapshot and Used Space Details

Space used by snapshots is no longer included in volume usage.
Snapshot usage is accounted for in the main volume usage.

Unfortunately there is no way to switch back.
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