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CMC won't log into VSA nodes, why??

Super Advisor

CMC won't log into VSA nodes, why??

Does anyone have any advice about how networking should be configured to enable the CMC to log into the StoreVirtual VSA nodes??

The VSA appliances have their own vSwitch in each vSphere host, the networking is all correct for the hosts/VMs to use the VSA-based storage. The VSA appliances have two NICs each, one for local subnet, one for iSCSI subnet.

BUT!! The CMC on the local subnet can not log into the iSCSI nodes without *manually* having to *find* the local subnet IPs every time. This is NOT right.

And HP tech support seems clueless how to fix this..

AND I need this fixed so I can set up and use a quorum witness instead of a FOM.

Is there ANY documentation that *specifically* explains how things are supposed to be networked wrt switch, firewall, vSphere, etc. so the CMC will properly log into the VSA nodes from the local subnet????????????

What settings on switch or elsewhere are required for communication from the CMC to the VSA nodes??

Local subnet is 172.31.x.x, VSAs are in VLAN 20 on the switch/vSphere in 10.10.100.x subnet.

I looked at HP's network/vSphere documentation, it mostly focuses on hardware not the SDN StoreVirtual VSA.

Any examples would be helpful, we have a 2-node VSA setup with a FOM.

Note: The storage VSAs do work, the communication from 172 subnet to 10 subnet is what's needed so I can set up a quorum witness.

Thank you, Tom