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Collecting LH array Info [cliq or SANiQ]

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Collecting LH array Info [cliq or SANiQ]

Just wanted to reach out the community and get feedback on ways to collect useful LH array information such as:

space used/available capacity,
volumes list [size, assigned to host(s) or not]

Is there a "canned" report that supplies this in a report via the CLI or GUI?
I have the CLIQ pdf manual: "cliq getLocalVolumes"

I'm sort of new to LH arrays at this time and
any info would greatly appreciated. Thx.
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Re: Collecting LH array Info [cliq or SANiQ]

I've used SNMP with Nagios to perform capacity monitoring/graphing/notification, also to track latency/IOPs/throughput etc etc...

Here's a couple links. I'm happy to post any of my other Nagios check commands that I've developed for use with the Lefthand SANs.