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Consumed Space Full/Thin-LUN P4500 Cluster


Consumed Space Full/Thin-LUN P4500 Cluster


in P4500 Multisite-Cluster (SAN/iQ 9.0) we see in the Porperties of a 1 TB Full-Volume Networt-RAID-10 reported size, that the consumed space is 2TB, because physically we need all in all 2TB (Replication-Level 2).

For a 1 TB Thin-Volume Networt-RAID-10 reported size, when we put 500GB Data on it, the consumed space is 500GB, and not 1TB (which makes sense, too - you see free space without deviding by Replication-Level)

So it seems, that for Full-provisioned Volumes the consumed space is the total physically allocated space, but for Thin-provisioned Volumes, the consumed space is shown as the space allocated by the Host-File system, although physically the double of space is needed (due to Metwork-RAID 10).

My question is: Is this observation correct and intended by the Developers?

Thanks and Regards