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Converged VSA on Hyper-V - Performance issues

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Converged VSA on Hyper-V - Performance issues


Im hoping some can help me, ive configured a two node hyper-v failover cluster using HP VSA "Converged" shared storage.

All HP kit end to end, so two DL 380 G9, 4 x 10GB ports for each server, P440 4GB RAID Controllers, two HP 3800 Aruba 10GB switches stacked and Server 2012 R2 as the OSE.

When i use IOmeter using Open Performance profile to test onboard server storage which is RAID1 for Tier0 and RAID5 for Tier1 I get expected results but the minute i connect to an iSCSI volume through VSA which sits on these very logical disks i get horrible performance, sometimnes 10 fold worse than the native storage disk results.

Why is this, ive read all documentation and engaged with HP support but still have not got a satisfactory answer to why the storage tests perform fine when connected to native storage but when ran through VSA the performance drops so dramtiacally.

One HP guy did mention that customer found issue's have been reported and apparently 12.7 which isnt released till next year will resolve/fix these performance issue which only seem to happen on Hyper-V not VMware due to integration services used by the VSA linux virtual machines. Anyone else come accross this?


I just need this to do what it says on the tin, ive tweeaked every 10GB nic setting i can find tuned the switch to no avail? Please some save my sanity :)