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Re: Convert manual remote snapshot to scheduled?

Occasional Advisor

Convert manual remote snapshot to scheduled?

Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me what is the procedure to convert a remote snapshot I've taken of a volume into a scheduled remote snapshot? I've done the initial remote snapshot manually so I could keep an eye on it and don't want to lose this now that I want to create a schedule for continuing remote snapshots.
Also can I define spcific names for the remote snapshots anywhere in the config, I want to write some scripts to automate the mounting of the remote snapshots to an esx host?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Convert manual remote snapshot to scheduled?

You don't need to "convert" the manual remote copy to a scheduled one. Now that you have copied over a remote snapshot, your first copy, you can do more manuals, or create schedules, and they will only copy the deltas. Each schedule does not re-copy everything, it will build on top of the data that already has been copied. Just setup the schedule you want and see what happens.

About customizing names... You can customize the base name it uses but from there it is just a counter on the schedule, I think.

If your reason to do that though was to predict the most recent snapshot name I think you'll find it better to actually list the snapshots from CLI and use the most recent snapshot, it will be first in the list so easier to peel the name off. Otherwise your script would break if its prediction of the snapshot name was ever wrong.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger